The day I went to a fortune teller. By @Laura_Amelia_

Laura Magee

By Laura Magee


The day I went to a fortune teller.

During Christmas day as I was opening presents I began to think about my imagination. 
When I was younger I really wanted bunk beds for Christmas so I could have a den underneath. I made plans on millions of pieces of paper drawing weird and wonderful things I could create inside.  I thought they were simply incredible (to be fair I’d still slide out of my bed in the morning if I could).
But because I didn’t have it, my imagination could flourish.
I instantly think how someone else with that one thing could put it to better use or make a really cool video using it etc.
I think there’s something special in not having but imagining instead.
Before starting school I had so many things in my mind. I’ll do this. I’ll make sure I do that. At least 10 ideas I could create. Then I started and didn’t have the same joy at the thought of them or that it was too much effort for what it was worth. 
I really enjoyed working on the Matzos brief partly because I didn’t know anything about them. What could you use a giant cracker for?
One way to prevent cool christmas presents gathering dust could to write down at least 100 things you could do with it so when you have a rainy afternoon you’ll still have inspiration of what you could do.
Some things however you need to have/ have done in order to learn from it.
I’d thought about this for a long time.
A few of my friends have been to a Clairvoyant. In my opinion (having been brought up not to believe in anything mystic) I considered it as a way of making money from gullible people.
However, I couldn’t help but be intrigued when my friends came away saying that they brought up events or peoples in their life that were scarily accurate.
In a weird way I’ve had this on my mind for a long time.
I thought there’s only one way to see it it actually works which would be to try it out and see what it’s all about.
So two days ago I went to a fortune teller.
I looked online and saw ‘newcomers particularly welcome’ which scared me more than I found it inviting, nevertheless, I went.
I walked in terrified. The room was full of dream catchers and unusual artefacts.
What could someone possibly see from the lines in my hand? 
It turned out that she was a really lovely woman and we just ended up having a chat after she spent a long time staring at my palms and saying what she could see. She told me that she loves her job. Whether I believed in what she said or not, it was obvious that this was her passion and I was happy that she had created a career out of it.
How she could tell me I have one dog I will never know.
Then again, maybe not knowing how she could say that ignites your imagination.
Was it a mere guess?

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