Subjectivity, by @_hunterfargo

Michael Hutton

By Michael Hutton



Dear future SCA’ers,

It will come as no surprise that merely existing causes division.

We are all of different age, colour, creed, socioeconomic standing, religion, and gender to co-exist in perfect harmony.

As the totally unknown Toba Beta once wrote; “Subjectivity measures nothing consistently.”

There couldn’t be a more perfect quote for your life at SCA.

When it comes time to show your work to visiting mentors, on book-crits, and even to the rest of the class, subjectivity plays the largest part in turning you totally fucking insane. Some will praise you for an outstanding piece of creativity, whilst others will pull down their trousers and shit all over it.

There is just no consistency in advertising, or in the world.

The key is to not let it bother you.

Whilst you may know the type of agency you want to work for already, most of you won’t. And that’s okay. But when you figure out the right agencies for you, only listen to advice from people of those agencies.

Be certain of the type of work that inspired you to get into advertising, and find agencies that do that type of work. Cherry pick the advice from people who do the work you love, and you’ll retain at least some fragment of sanity – assuming you had any to start with.

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