The day Marc was too late… By @dennis_engel87

Dennis Engel

By Dennis Engel


The day Marc was too late…

I remember the day around 1,5 years back when Marc called me during my working hours at Intro (my design placement in a Cologne) to tell me I got a place at SCA. 
He called me around two days too late and I already thought I didn’t make it. I guess it was the only time since I know Marc that he was late with something (and I still can’t figure out if it was intentionally or not.)
I could write a whole book about Marc and the other mentors and everything we learned from them but that’s another story. 
I came to London with the hope to find the answer to a question that bothered me during my (nearly useless) graphic design degree:
What the f*** is advertising?
While my classmates in my graphic design course mainly designed “unique print shirts” or invitation cards and cozy packaging design 
I mainly wondered why people liked or didn’t like what I tried to communicate to them and it drove me nuts (and it still does)!
The idea of communication seemed always more important to me than executing ideas from someone else especially when they are boring. (If you worked in a design studio for project managers you know what I am talking about.)
Asking yourself what advertising is would be the same to ask if the universe is infinite. There are infinite direction in describing advertising. 
This is one reason why this school is not called London Ad School, School for Cannes Wankers or School of Rich Instagram Kids. 
The school is called School of Communication Arts for a reason. 
I think during my 10 months course, 
“I learned that everybody even your mum can do advertising.” 
Everyone with an i phone can take a packshot, put a boring line like: More energy, We make a difference, The time is now and a logo underneath it and sometimes even earn shit lots of money with it. 
This is called wallpaper. The art of advertising nobody is interested in. Sadly that is also 90% of advertising that is out there. Wallpaper!
A waste of energy.
A waste of resources 
and a waste of talent. 
At SCA I learned to come up with ideas to create a value or to solve problems to make the world a better place and persuade brands to pay millions for it!    
If someone would asked me how I would describe SCA in one sentence, I guess this is what I would respond. 
I hope when I will write a SCAB in five years time I can proudly say that I tried my best to avoid producing wallpaper and created ideas that changed the culture and peoples lives for good. 
Cheers Dennis 

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