The design @pandofae

By Gauthier Peyret 

I’m having a hard time talking about myself so I’m going to talk about something that keeps me and my roommate busy all night, the design, what is it?

What we think we know: between style and design there is a storm in the air… We make design cover the clothes of style armed with adjectives to describe emptiness, simplicity, nakedness, modernity, sober chic and white. They are of course opposed to the cluttered, complicated, classic, brown, parrot, has-been, the “weary”, the sad….. there’s water in the gas!

What it is: the word design was used in England in 1849 by Henry Cole to define a project process. At the beginning of the 20th century, the German Bauhaus movement placed this word at the center of a conception, a shaping, a concretization of an industrial and universal object. To speak of design for a room, space or a house is to speak of modularity, zone concept, efficiency, prefabrication of elements, and aesthetics!

In other words, a color can’t design, a carpet can’t design, unless it’s designed modularly to turn into a pocket bag!

In other words, a sofa can be designed if it is ergonomic, functional and beautiful. A stainless steel or Corian sink can be designed if it has all the qualities of maintenance, volume, aesthetics, and adaptability required for its use. A house can be designed if it has been designed in such a way as to be modular, organized, usable for all its inhabitants and if the choice of materials has tended towards industrial or reproducible products.

The concept of design is not contemporary, it’s a young man of more than one hundred years old. Its most beautiful pieces are in museums and their reproductions are on sale on our online shops from the armchair to the small spoon.
Let’s dare design but not necessarily white, not necessarily grey, not necessarily cold, not necessarily devoid of fantasy, not necessarily alone because design and classic it must be possible!

Thus it will no longer be possible to say, like Frédéric Beigbeder (an advertiser, French writer) that “the design café is an invention of Parisians to park provincials and have a quiet lunch at the Café de Flore”.

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