The Economist and examining someone’s poo – By @larrygrange

Laurens Grainger

By Laurens Grainger


The Economist and examining someone’s poo


Is it fair to judge a man based on his Twitter feed? No.

Is it an accurate way to measure a man’s personality?  Regrettably, a little bit.

Does the following make me proud of what I have become? Not really.

I present to you the 12 most recent tweets in my feed (most recent last.)

1 – “@WizKhalifa freestyles over @Adele’s “Hello,” turns it into stoner ballad” (High Snobiety)

2 – “The leading candidates to head the UN are both Bulgarian women” (The Economist)

3 – “Goarn Stoke!!” (Stoke City obsessed mate)

4 – “Skip crowded museum lines and visit the Guggenheim through your computer” (Wired)

5 – “’Dr’ Gillian McKeith examining Gemma Collins’ poo on #CBB tonight” (Katy Weasel – celebrity parody account)

6 – “”Believe the praiser and dismiss the praise.”Terrific advice on writing by poet Donald Hall” (Brain Pickings)

7 – “Since I gave up smoking I’ve pretty much had a constant erection. That was 3 weeks ago.” (Perfectly sane friend)

8 – “Coffee and croissants with the brothers behind the world’s best restaurant” (New Yorker)

9 – “Goarn! One more, Stoke!!” (Stoke City obsessed mate, again)

10 – “Are millennials too self-obsessed to cope with parenthood?”(The Economist)

11 – “Watching cunts on Periscope. Typing “Hello from Glasgow” to folk in France, Algeria, Turkey. Brilliant getting a wee response.” (Limmy – comedian)

12 – “Goarn! Just one! #goarnstoke” (you know who)

P.S – If anyone would like to stop talking to me from now on, then I completely understand.

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