If you could ditch your partner… by @moshSCA2


By Mosh – The Intake of 2014/15


If you could ditch your partner and choose anyone else dead or alive, real or fictional, who would you choose and why?


Annie: Jeffrey Archer or Robert Sheckley – I grew up with their short stories as a teenager and they both shared the ability to grip you from the very beginning, twist you in the middle and make you say ‘what the f**k’ with the last sentence.


Elin: Jesper Waldersten, an artist from Stockholm.

Is illustrations, drawings, copy and eye for detail is impeccable.

Check out his Instagram @waldersten

Nathan: Dave Benson Phillips. He looks so happy all the time, he’d make every knockback a lot easier to overcome. #HappyChappie.  And gunge.


Nick: David Attenborough. He would bewitch the client with his voice.


Ben:  Dr. Seuss, imagine art directing his stories


Marco:  I wouldn’t mind working with Robert de Niro and Joe Pesci, Just to make it a little bit more gangsta.


James: Genghis Kahn – He would be really useful on those long Thursday afternoons when the brief gets changed, the logo needs to be bigger, the coffees run out and you just get gripped with that insatiable need to conquer Asia


Edwina: Stanley Kubrick- Storytelling, technique, innovation, empathy.


Ashley: Mr Blobby – great copy, great laughs.


Søren: Charlie Parker (


Teddy: Gary Larson


Frazer: Stewart Lee because of the speed of light.


Rob: Loyalty is everything. Unless Spike Jonze is reading this…


Edward: Leonardo da Vinci


  1. Henrik Larsson. Amazing in any team.


Tom EB: Roald Dahl, that man knew how to write and the more we keep doing briefs the more i realise that story is everything

Dounia: Dr Kanye West


Georgia: heydon prowse


Clarissa: Robin Williams. Comedians like him are full of insights, experience and amazing stories.


Joel: Cruella Deville. Why? Because she’s all about collecting dots.


Lucy: Winnie the Pooh, because he loves a challenge


Adam: John Cooper Clarke because words


Eytan: Sam Gamgee from Lord of The Rings, because he’s reliable on adventures.


Alex M: Alan Partridge because monkey tennis


Marcella: Vince Noir from Mighty Boosh. I discovered him yesterday night and I feel I have a lot to learn from him.


Jezza: Clint Smith. Because he would tell me the things I need to hear, not the ones I want to hear. This is what he calls “The Danger of Silence”, and at the end of the day, perhaps I would never run out of ideas.


Nina: J.K Rowling. Awesome story telling. And so I can find out what really happened to Aunt Marge.


Lawrence: Bradley Whitford’s character in Studio 60. Because whenever I am in a creative slump I rewatch the show and imagine myself as Matthew Perry.


Stephen: Sloth from the Goonies. Man knows how to make an entrance.

Mads: David Bowie back in his Hunky Dory days.

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