Feedback on this! By @beccimai27

Becci Ford

By Becci Ford


Feedback on this!

I don’t know about anybody else at SCA…

But I’m not very good at asking for help or feedback. 

Never have been. 

Since I can remember I’ve always been afraid to put my hand up in class.

Always been fiercely independent and insistent that if I can’t do something I will work hard until I learn how to do it myself – rather than take the easy route and ask for help from somebody who knows more than me. 

This isn’t due to arrogance – as I know that I’m not a genius at everything (far from it). But instead I put it down to a combination of being a bit shy and also stubbornly curious (if they can do it – why can’t I?). 

It’s not that I don’t listen to, or like the help that others have to give. Because once I receive it I’m always grateful for it. I’m just bad at recognising when I should ask for that help and then having the follow through to actually go ahead and ask. 

I’d always thought that by taking the difficult route I was challenging myself to learn more and becoming stronger – rather than relying on other people for the answer. And to some extent that is true. 

But recently since taking the ideapreneur route I’ve been thinking that this single-mindedness is a double edged sword – and I need to change how I feel about asking for help.

Being the odd one out at school means that I have to make my own path. And I have no way of knowing if that path will lead to a successful business or not. All I can try to do is make it as watertight as possible by finding the fastest route to failure and then filling in the holes!

It’s both exhilarating and exciting to know that your building something for yourself that you have always wanted to do. But then it’s also sometimes like a terrifying ride that you can’t get off – especially when you see everybody else in the studio working on structured briefs, who know exactly what direction they want to head in. 

I know what I want from my business, I know what I want it to become. It’s just knowing the right path to get there – that can sometimes be tricky. There is so much to learn and it’s not all creative – but the more I’m learning the more I’m falling in love with the idea of running my own business. 

I guess what I’m trying to say in this ramble is that since I’ve taken a different route I’ve realised the importance of actually asking for feedback and it’s something that I’m working on. Both inside and outside of the SCA mentor network.  

Especially as I now have so many different things to learn!

It’s time to ask and get FEEDBACK ON THIS…

P.S listen to this whilst reading!


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