Ruminations on a lost scab

The other day I had a thought about a potential SCAB idea. 

What an exciting life I have … 

I didn’t note it anywhere of course, and now the day has come to write another one and I’m out of ideas. I spent the whole day trying to remember my original idea ( surely brilliant ) idea but to no avail.

So now I’m sitting here, at .. currently 01:11 am. I just finished some work and I get down to more. But at least this is somewhat more relaxed. I can really say whatever I want. 

What broke my usual home arrival routine was good today. Usually there’s something, sometimes bad, sometimes good – adds a bit of excitement to my life. But alas, I’ve become distracted. TODAY this was the receipt of a book today, called ‘ The Artist Who’ by Bani Abadi, a Berlin based Pakistani artist. This purchase will surely consume my weekend. I’m not going to talk about it, as I haven’t read it yet. But .. for whoever is still reading my SCAB’s I’ve included a few images from my, extremely brief perusal of it. 

On a different note, my work tonight has been powered by my Stravinksjj Bar playlist. I named it after a hotel bar in Rome. Never been there, but I thought for some .. completely illogical reason the music must suit this bar. Until I’m proven wrong it will remain named as such. The playlist is comprised of many, rather non connected songs, despite the fact they’re all ( or at least many are ) old. It always suits my mood in the evenings. 

I don’t know what people assume I listen to, but they are rarely wrong. My music genre breadth is actually so wide it’s probably a condition of some kind. 

I’m going to need to clock off soon as I need to sleep before tomorrow comes, it actually already has. But, whatever … as far as I’m concerned it has not. 

The last photo has a typographic mistake in it – see if you can spot it … 

Anyway – bye until next time muchachos. 

Much Love, 

Yours Truly, Sugarmiwk. 


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