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Jacqueline Hedge






By @jcxh


Recently, O2 ran a campaign telling people to be more dog. Even if you’re a cat. 

Be more proactive and dog-like. Go out and GET STUFF, and life will be better for you. 

The first time I saw the ad, I just dismissed the strap line as being written by someone who clearly hates cats and is incredibly narrow minded. Anyone who’s had curtains and a young cat would agree. 

Then I came across this guy a few days ago, and i decided I disagreed with that line even more;

In the middle of a busy Brixton village, this opportunist still found a place to have a nap, even with all the passers by fawning over him. Since starting SCA, sleep has not been something that has played a large part in my routine- there’s just too many things to do in the week. Thing is, my increasingly addled, caffeine- shaken state has been pressing the point that my priorities may need adjusting. The only thing that’s remotely creative about this state is the variety of ways I can wear the bags under my eyes.

If, as a good creative, we’re supposed to be exploring, dodging the crowd and taking advantage of every oppotunity that may scuttle out of whatever nook and cranny we pass, we must also have the reserve energy to do so. 

Whilst we revel in the opportunity to make mischief, we must also value the opportunity to rest. 

So shove it O2, I’m being more cat. 

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