We are halfway through our year at SCA so, you have heard enough about what we learnt from our mentors and what we did in our classes so far. Halfway also happens to be half term break so I’m collecting dots and lots of them! So here are some “halfway” dots I collected this week.

Half-time (hyphenated ;p) in sports is an intermission between halves of a game. The half-time reveal is what happened at the Super Bowl.

The Half Way Line’ makes cool football-related illustrations

HalfwayDead is a Rocket League content creator.

The Halfway Post is a comedy news cast, which claims to not just report facts but improve them.

Halfway across the globe, there are people in need.

The Halfway Bridge Inn is an enticing (not) stay that I missed this week.

Lastly, Meet Me Halfway is a song that we can hear ringing in our ears.


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