The Dip

It’s the 28th December. Christmas was 3 days ago and New Year’s Eve is 3 days away. As a family you’ve drunken your way through several bottles of sparkling wine and the one singular port. You’ve cracked open the 4th box of chocolates and as a cohort nearly eaten up all the leftovers. 

But NOT the ham. 1kg of honey glazed, clove-filled ham sits as lonely as ever in the fridge. On the 1st shelf. A singular piece of foil covering it’s fatty back. Sliced only for sandwich fillings or to go with pease pudding. OH, poor Mrs Ham. You’ll never ever be as popular as Mr Turkey, who’s eaten up in 48 hours with cranberry sauce and leftover roasties. 

You’re probably also still ticking off family members. Travelling around the country, exchanging gifts and wishing your estranged loved ones a happy new year. Practicing the same old small talk. Updating them on your life, and catching up on theirs. Hopelessly trying to explain what the hell SCA is to a 70 year old with a hearing aid whilst they complain about Brexit. 

We’re in what I like to call ‘The Dip’. A period of time dedicated to floating around in an abyss of nothingness. You forget who you are, what you’re doing and what the hell your purpose in life is. You’re fed up with the family festivities and the gluttonous activities stowed upon you. You’ve watched numerous films and Netflix shows and have eaten your weight in cheese. You desperately wish it was the New Year so you can attempt to be a new improved you. You’ve got your resolutions down to a tee and you can’t wait to get back to your normal life. See your best friends, count in the New Year and dance around the kitchen in dresses too tight for your newly formed Christmas muffin top. 

The Christmas holidays will always play host to this void of time. The low period between two wonderful and joyous occasions. It’s normal to feel a bit glum, to get sick of your family and to want time to yourself. It’s OK to opt for water instead of wine. It’s also OK to eat brandy butter straight out of the tub. In ‘The Dip’ there are no rules. It’s a time for recuperating, digesting and just existing. 

You see we’re not very good at that. Just existing. Just being humans. We’re always striving towards the future or beating ourselves up about the past. Why can’t we just exist peacefully in the present? Embrace this time and welcome in the New Year with open arms. ‘The Dip’ is a wonderful time. We must enjoy it rather than fear it. Time is just a construct and ‘The Dip’ is probably one of the few periods in the year where we don’t need it in order to survive. So let’s embrace not knowing what day of the week it is, and embrace ‘The Dip’. Because before we know it, it will be the end of March, D&AD deadlines will be around the corner and we’ll be on the verge of breaking down.  

So here’s to just being humans and peacefully existing. 

Dilly dilly. 

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