Goals – By @ggflrs

By Gémina Gil Flores



As everyone know, school is getting really (really) intense, so having a “life” is pretty hard. By life I mean seeing friends, enjoying a day outside, going on week-end, calling family. Basic things that make us alive, and happy. Even if I love and enjoy what I do, bad feelings can come pretty easily when all of what you do is going to school/working.

So to give myself motivation, let’s remember what are my life goals and how living the life I live today is gonna help me to reach them.

1. Doing what I love everyday, and doing it well

We are gonna spend 1/3 of our life working. At least 9 hours every day; 90 000 hours among our lives. So it gets pretty obvious that if you don’t do a job you like, life is gonna be shit. Or at least less fun. So one of the reasons I work so hard today and “sacrifice” lot of the joy of youth is because I know that I want to spend my days enjoying what I do. I often say better 5 years of studying hard and sacrifice a lot than 40 years of complaining my life is not what I wanted.

2. Having a job were I can do number 1

Not every agency in the world is sharing my values, so it is also gonna be important to find a place where I can feel myself. It looks like a luxury when you have no experience but I don’t wanna work anywhere. Even if of course I’ll take every opportunity and will not be too exigent at the beginning. Working hard every day made me realise what kind of work I enjoy doing and what excites me less, so I can have clear objectives and targeting the good agencies.

3. Travelling thanks to my job

Honestly, that’s so important. I do want to start a career in London and I’m ready to stay here the time it will need, but I’m a traveller. And advertising allows you to travel, because every country needs ads, and all the big agencies have offices all around the world. I’d like to go in Canada, USA, Japan, South America…

4. Being financially free

That is also important. I don’t want to have any trouble to find money to buy anything I need, going on holiday etc. And luckily a good job in an agency allow you to own enough money. And also to refund your student loan, lol.

5. Working in movie production on day

That’s like the “I want to retire from advertising” project. I love images, light, aesthetics. I’m sure I would enjoy a lot being behind a camera and use my eye and vision to make things look incredible.

6. Writing a book

I really like writing, specially in French even if I also enjoy doing it in English. So I’d love to try and write a novel, one day when I’ll have time and confidence to do it.

So yeah, there is definitely thing I want to achieve. And the more I read what I just wrote, the more I realise I’m in a good place to achieve those things right now. It’s just a question of confidence and organisation, but nothing is impossible if you really believe you can do it.

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