It’s almost the end @Hoballah14

By Chirine Hoballah

London was amazing. London is a very beautiful city and different from Paris. Here, people are all nice to have the hair coloured in blue, red, purple, they smile at you in the subway for no reason, they are always listening if you need help. People are open-minded, there are many different cultures and everyone accepts others as they are. For example, at the supermarket, I fell many times on veiled cashiers, which never happened to me in Paris in 5 years. I am happy to have had the chance to live in this beautiful city. I tried to enjoy every weekend and discover a maximum of things.

In a few weeks, I’ll be back home in Dakar. My experience in London is very different from Paris just as SCA is very different from schools in France. Indeed, we will never begin the lessons in France with music, we will never see rooms full of sofas, the students will never remove their shoes, when we are late we don’t dance as a punishment, we have no dogs walking between us, we don’t paint on the walls, we don’t write SCAB every week to share our thoughts, we don’t have reflexions every Friday to summarize our week. It’s a completely different to systems that I’ve had to meet all my life.

I think it’s a very good way to learn, to give the best of ourselves. All people here know why they are here and want to give everything to be the best and improve and find the best ideas. They want to succeed and are determined. I think that’s the difference between them and me. I’m not sure what I want in life, I’m not sure I want to work in advertising. I think that laziness is my worst default and it makes my life rotten. I don’t know where I see myself in 5 or 10 years. I’m a little lost. At the beginning of my studies, I was convinced that I was in the right direction and that it was the right way. But all in all, I think that design interests me more than advertising and it’s not the same thing.

I don’t want to work in advertising, I realize that this world does not match me, I have trouble imposing my ideas and I don’t take pleasure in finding new ideas. It’s just not for me. I have not found my way yet, something that makes me happy but I’m sure I’ll make it happen.

I know that I have not given the best of myself here, I have not managed to fit in and make friends, I don’t know if I have progressed in English. I have a lot of regret about my attitude here. I know that SCA was exactly what I needed in my life to change and evolve. But I think that I did not know how to seize this chance and that I am locked in myself.

But I’m really grateful to have spent time here, it’s a chance and I’ll never forget my few months here.

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