First SCAB from Patxi Elizalde ( @pzelizalde )

By Patxi Elizalde


Okay, I’ve been staring at a blank page for about 30 minutes now trying to come up with a funny, creative way to start this blog post. But in the interest of time, I think I’m just gonna have to stick with this: hello friends

If some of you are wondering who I am, where I came from, or why you haven’t seen me posting on the blog throughout the summer, it’s likely because I had zero idea I was going to be attending SCA until last Tuesday… and wow, what a week it has been. With an overwhelming surge of all kinds of emotions along with the sudden increase in my workload from.. well, sending out a few job applications here and there, to reading 8 books, coming up with a passion project, documenting it, writing a blog post, and gathering necessary school supplies … in 1 week! (shoot, I don’t have a pencil case…. brb).

Okay, so I have all my school supplies!… and have also managed to lock myself out of my apartment in the process. Woo. But no worry, it’s actually a pleasant evening so I’ll just continue writing from this park bench as I await the arrival of my savior, the key man.

Where was I? Oh yeah, being overwhelmed.

So anyway, as I was silently bumping my fist in the air as Marc offered me a spot over the phone, it quickly dawned on me: now the real hard part begins. 0 to 100. Cue the emotions.

Fast forward to now. While this week has honestly been quite hectic (in trying to make the best first impression video possible in 5 days), I realized I needed hectic. I needed to reawaken my working mind. 

Just to briefly give you a bit of background on my summer, since I left my job in New York due to visa reasons, I’ve essentially been on vacation mode. I didn’t have any break between  college graduation and my first job, so I felt I needed a bit of time off to clear my mind a bit. Luckily, a great friend of mine, and college roommate, was in the same boat. We both had some money saved up from that year to do a quick trip to a few destinations in Asia. Namely, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and finally, my home country, The Philippines. While we did make it a point to get up early and to ‘seize’ each day, it was by no means work of any kind. From riding that vacation wave into slowly applying for jobs, I didn’t realize how far removed from a ‘work mindset’ I was until I received Marc’s call. “Okay, what now? Time to get to work.”

Bottom line, this week has really pushed me. Pushed me to get back to work, pushed me to start using my time more wisely again, and ultimately, pushed me to really re-awaken my creative self. 

Now, having submitted that video (didn’t come out exactly as I’d hoped, but I think it’s still fairly entertaining), read the books, and, finally, written this blog post, I feel I am finally (well… moreso than I was a week ago) ready to take on my first day as a SCA student tomorrow. Ready to once again become a sponge to soak up any and every bit of information that comes my way, and ready to surround myself with like-minded individuals like you all. 

Now, I’d like to finish this post just as strongly as I started: hope you’ve all had a great summer and excited to meet you all tomorrow!

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