Trott Talks (for four hours), by @1CuriousGiraffe

Nina Beyers

By Nina Beyers

Today Trott came to SCA. He spoke for four hours to SCA and students around the world. 

Trott told us to treat him like a buffet. Pick out the most tasty bits that we want from his talk. So I’ve summed up the top 10 tips that I took away.  

X You can either have what you want or the reasons for not having it.

We’re supposed to be a nuisance. Make a noise, be persistent, ask why.

X Learn from the people who are better than you. 

X It’s great to say ‘I don’t know’ as you will always learn something new. 

X Form follows function. It doesn’t matter if a product looks beautiful but lacks quality. 

X If you are creative you will be creative everywhere, not just in an office in an agency. 

X The worst day in advertising is the best day in a factory. 

X Regret is worse than embarrassment. 

X Only ever talk to one person otherwise you sound like you are doing a speech. 

Shit is still shit even if it travels at the speed of light. Even with technology and digital making communication faster, the core idea still has to hold true. 

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