Alchemy – By @xladxrolov

By Vlad Frolov



First there is research and then there is alchemy.

I’ve been trying to come up with something resembling a linear “creative process” since late last autumn and nothing seems to stick.

I have made bullet point lists, record cards and graphical representations.

So far nothing seems to stick.

But it’s okay because in school the process has become second nature to us.

The following is loosely based on real events:

First there is reading, researching, and interpretation. Read the brief, research the brand, the market, the audience. Write everything down. Pick and mix. Do get-to-bys. Go through a dozen propositions and voilà, here’s one that stuck. The next day there’ll be another dozen. But you have one for now.

Next there is strategy, there is writing and rewriting the proposition, testing its logic in all the contexts. This is all done to summon the strategy, which seems to float out of darkness when you least expect it. There is a whole load of writing.

Then there is scamping, there are creative techniques, deck of brilliance, more writing, lots of coffee, and at least one good nap. There is intense internet searching and conspiracy theories. This is the creativity part. Here, things are done on a whim. Proposition, strategy, and the pages of writing you’ve done will all probably come back and change. Pete will come too. But eventually there’ll be a script which will go through various mutations – about eight without you even trying – until something sticks (or else until there’s no time left). This script will take you to the executions.

Execution: we all know how that goes.

So yeah, there’s no particular prescribed way to make it. Just make your mind a cauldron, throw things in, see what explodes. Write down all the findings. Subheadings: proposition, strategy, script, execution. It’s a pretty loose structure, though, so follow your gut. First there are facts and research but then there is alchemy.

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