Persona – By @DJayDancer1

By Daniel Johnson





You’re a conventional person who is fuelled by well-established practices and “normal” behaviour.


You don’t typically go outside of your comfort zone, but that’s ok! Just remember that it’s fun to embrace new experiences and you can learn a lot by trying new things.


You don’t like Halloween. You probably enjoy looking at the decorations and costumes, but you don’t participate. That’s totally fine, though! Your opinions are still valid.


Intelligent, witty, and idealistic. You have been battling your whole life for a cause or vision that you strongly believe in. You may sometimes seem harsh and reckless to a stranger, but that is because you keep your emotions buried inside. You do not like to take orders from anyone and you will always do things your way and what you morally believe is right.


Although you are generally intense and serious, you sometimes show your sillier and flirtatious side, sarcasm is your form of humor.


Though others may disagree, you strongly believe that violence is unacceptable and that nothing good ever comes from war yet, love, friendship and harmony can flourish during tough times.


Others seem to have different ideas about you, and have no clue at all how you are really like. No matter what others say or think about you, you know that what you are doing is just and that your cause is worth dying for.


You ask for fries on the side with just about every meal. The saltier, the better.


Stoic and proud, you work well with a team, but are better on your own. You love technology and exotic locales, but often are left to your own devices. Keep the helmet on, you look cooler.


Unlike boring analog villains, you’re full digital evil and can manipulate anyone to suit your purpose! A deadly combination of speed and fury, you focus your hatred like a laser!


You are thoughtful and kind, and you love to make lasting impressions on people. You have a bold sense of humour, and you truly believe in yourself. You take risks often, but they don’t always pay off, which can really annoy you. However, you don’t dwell on things but instead always look ahead to the future.

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