The End of Term 1 – Thoughts from Stick It Intake


One term down, two to go. It feels surreal that we’re already this far into our SCA journey. Somehow, it feels like we just started yesterday, but my heavy eyelids and the semi-permanent crease between my eyebrows tell a different story.

There’s no doubt that it’s been some very challenging weeks, but it’s also been extremely rewarding. I’ve gotten to know and work with some amazingly talented and interesting people, I’ve been inspired again and again by the incredible mentors, and I’ve grown both as a person and as a professional.

In our last group SCAB, we set out to predict where we would be by the end of term 1. That’s quite an ambitious thing to do, but I’m pleased to report back that anyone looking for a fairly accurate fortune teller should have no hesitation booking in with me.

Of the things I predicted I’d be better at, the art of receiving negative feedback without taking it personally, was the most important one. I’ve worked hard on developing a resilient mindset, and although it still stings when someone kills my great idea, it stings less now – and I’ve still got another two terms to learn how to just let it go.


Term one for me has been a MASSIVE learning curve. I’ve been able to really assess my way of working and adjust it so I’m being more productive. 

I always knew this was going to be a difficult course, but at the start I felt like I was out of my depth. Now that I’m at the end of the term, I’m finally soaking up the knowledge and beginning to apply it. 

I think my main focus now is to keep practicing and to learn video editing skills so I’m ready to start cracking portfolio briefs. I can see and feel my progress and know that by the end of the next term I’ll be in an even better position. 

Onwards and upwards from here!


Reflection on term one, for me I would definitely say it’s been a learning experience trying to understand how to tackle and work on creative briefs. I would also say that I’ve learnt how key it is to have different conversations with people as it’s useful to get different perspectives on things which will be helpful with time. I said in the last post that I want to challenge myself more which I still want to do but with an aspect of being more kind to myself.


Term 1 is done and honestly, it felt like one week! So much has happened you are so busy you have no time to think what day or week it is. I’ve learnt a lot in term 1 already and I’m excited but also nervous for term 2. 

Am I where I want to be at the end of term 1. I don’t think I am but I don’t think I’ll ever be where I want to be, because that’s what drives me to be better. I definitely have got more confident with presenting but understanding the strategy and SMP is still a bit tricky. I’ll get there soon and then it will be onto the next goal. 


As I am frantically juggling about a gazillion things at the same time – with deadlines looming, work calling and the madness of the last day of term for me, as well as for my son  – I am grateful to have a moment to stop, breathe, sit still, think about this first term, and write it all down (maybe I could be a copywriter after all?).

The past few weeks have been nothing short of insane. We have worked on some amazing briefs, come up with incredible ideas, had some not-so-great-ones put down, made friendships, cried and laughed and all in the middle of a pandemic. It has not only been a totally unique experience, it has been a glorious one. 

I’m not sure I am 100% where I hoped to be from rereading our last group scab (I mean I was suggesting world domination soooo…) but I guess it doesn’t matter. I love this, I love where we are all headed and I am so excited to see what we all do and who we become by the end of this process. 

And yes it is hard, but the best things in life are, right? And I wouldn’t want it any other way. 


This term has definitely been a challenge and life can throw things at you that are unpredictable. I have been extremely impressed by my peers and their undeniable talent. The main thing I have learned this term is perseverance and that you are able  to do anything if you continue to work at it.  

There have been times where I have been close-minded but this term I have been able to find more balance. I am able to compromise and now more open to other ideas. I have definitely surprised myself this term learning how much I can handle. 

I’ve been so lucky to be working with so many amazing minds and developing and learning from my peers. This term I’ve learned to stick to it even if it’s hard.


Suddenly it’s July and we’ve come to the end of the first term. SCA is as intense as we were told it would be. Looking back at my predictions for this time, I have to admit that I’m not less stressed than before but I did do some improvements to my time management. I’ve spoken to mentors more and they’re always super helpful. I still struggle to let go of ideas but using the techniques they taught us in the first term really helps with the process of letting them go. And to my last prediction, I can definitely see improvements to my work. 

I’m excited to see where term 2 takes me.


My prediction for the end of term one was to basically be the subject of fear and envy among my peers. For at least one of those, I think I have succeeded. Showing up to our morning masterclass with matted hair and puffy eyelids marred with lack of sleep from the night before, as mountainous piles of laundry just edge into shot behind me, are sights I presume must terrify my fellow SCA students and mentors to their very core. Success!

In my prediction for the end of term, I said that I would improve my time management, putting aside some time each day to exercise and train for a half marathon. This didn’t happen. Yet where my physical fitness has plummeted, my mental resilience has completely transformed for the better. If only there was a Strava for the brain, because the kudos would be unreal.

In our last SCAB I wrote that I would like to find it easier to open myself to critique, because in the first few weeks I struggled a lot with the idea of showing something half-formed to mentors. I suppose that, weirdly, I found negative feedback on my work to be somewhat of an attack on my personal taste, my intelligence, my capability, my entire essence as a human being, etc. When you arrive at SCA, you sort of assume your ideas are pretty good. When you see how hard it is, you soon realise why you’re actually here. It isn’t to perfect your already amazing, incredibly unique creative mind – but it is a time to learn, relentlessly, until you do eventually unlock those qualities. I think with that in mind, I have learned to let go a lot.

Since writing our last SCAB, I’ve noticed my self-perception has really changed. I’m far more confident in sharing my strange thoughts and suggestions – not because I think they’re actually brilliant, but because stupid suggestions and mistakes don’t define you as a person. The mentors aren’t really as scary as they seem, and with Stick It, no one is judging. While it can be hard to see it while you’re in amongst it all, I now realise only in hindsight that our cohort’s work is in an entirely different league to what it was when we started back in April. I still have a long, long way to go, but it makes me excited for what’s to come.


Term one has ended up being something of a blur. Days, weeks, and months have ended up almost entirely blurring together in a headlong rush of briefs, new ideas, and frantic attempts to follow YouTube after effects tutorials. Despite the headlong rush my main takeaway from the last few months has been a feeling of creative satisfaction. I may not have possessed the craft to execute my ideas at times, but I can at least look back on each brief and say that it pushed the bounds of what I could do. From soundscapes, to video editing, to copywriting and everything in between this term has pushed me to explore new skills almost constantly. 

Looking back perhaps my only regret is that at times I held onto ideas I favoured longer than was needed instead of methodically exploring other options. However, hindsight is, as ever, 20-20 so at least I can go into next term knowing that sometimes the only option is to kill your darlings on a project. Term one has been challenging and I know those challenges will only increase as the year goes on but I feel I have a solid groundwork to build from over the summer.

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