The fear of failure.  By @aleks_atn

By Aleksandra Atanasovski


The fear of failure. 


I am scared. Scared of failing. Everyone is I guess, but I am way too much. However, this fear always gives me the strength to surpass myself. To surpass myself to never fail. This fear of losing has been growing ever since the age of 6, when I had to say my first poem.


It obviously is a positive, harmless fear we all feel. But with exams and all that stressful stuff we go through in high school, I have to say I was dealing with more pressure and stress than ever before. Throat try, palpitations, just starting a sentence was a huge step. Actually, every test I went through in my life was always thought, prepared beforehand. To be honest, I’ve never been into last minute jobs, even though it happened sometimes. I am pretty sure these deep sensations in our belly, these beats in our chests have all haunted us. What are we supposed to do? What if we don’t achieve the goals we’ve set? Our modern society doesn’t recognize any kind of failure. We have to succeed every single time. As a result, we apprehend the slightest missteps and become paralysed by the thought of failing or doing something wrong. 


Though, i am deeply convinced error is human, and it makes us grow as a person. To learn from our mistakes. Fall, get up, and never give up. Over time, I just realised mistakes could make us stronger, more powerful. 

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