THE FINAL SCAB… – By @hachanitedj

By Tedj Hachani




So this is it… It’s all been leading to this. This is my last scab. I don’t know how to feel about my journey at the SCA coming to its end.


Time flies.


I remember how I felt before coming to the SCA, when I got the email from Marc, I was a bit nervous, I didn’t really know what to expect from this first term. I’ve learned so much in a few months.


Mentors are legends and they helped me a lot through this term.


So I’d like to thank them all for being such amazing mentors and showing us the way to be the best creative possible.


I wasn’t capable of coming up with hundreds of ideas in a short amount of time 3 months ago. Now things are different, I feel more confident about what I can do thanks to the techniques we’ve been taught.


Besides the techniques, the briefs, the brilliant Master classes, I think what really had an impact on me are the people, my peers, and obviously the mentors. Meeting new people has always been an important thing for me.


There is such an amazing creative energy here that drives me every day to work harder and I’m genuinely impressed by how talented the people are!


The school enabled me to learn more about myself, my strengths, my weaknesses, my limits, and I think that’s the most important thing at the end of the day. Going home knowing how you can improve and better yourself is priceless.


Do you know the meme « One taught me love, One taught me patience, one taught me pain »? Well.. Marc taught me those three! Probably « dedication » instead of « love » though.


Even though I’m leaving SCA, I’m more than happy to say that I’ve been part of this experience and I hope that my last reflection this Friday will be memorable. In the meantime, PB5 is still in progress.


I will make the most out of my final week here at the SCA.


Thank you for reading my final scab. And a huge THANK YOU to all of you who made this journey unforgettable!




(Nb : As this is my last Scab, I’d like to plug my YouTube channel : Tedj Hachani and my Instagram @tedj_hachani, where I’ll be posting tons of new content in 2019)


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