The fruitful list of things I hate. – By @marleymwrites

The fruitful list of things I hate.

Hi friends! So a couple days ago my partner Carly and I popped into Marc’s office to go through our book. There was a lot of feedback, including a very eloquent description of how we should throw one of our ideas into the ocean with rocks around it’s ankles. Why rip the plaster off quickly when you could peel it millimetre by millimetre? I joke, for one I mainly got caught up in how pretty the metaphor was. I’m a magpie for a good metaphor. And honestly, it was a really useful chat. There were a lot of gems to be mined from it but the one that really struck me was this statement:

Have a point of view. I can’t see your point of view in your work.

I have embarked on this journey into advertising to infiltrate it. I literally plan on having my own agenda with every single bit of work I do. But for whatever reason that isn’t coming across. I have no regrets: I think it’s good to let that take the back seat for a little while. Soak up all the wisdom. But clearly now’s the time to amp it up. So after our chat I sat down and made a list of the things I hate in the world and turned them into ideas. And here some of them are.

That my brother gets stopped and searched.Search and stop – some kind of thingy-ma-jig that records each time an officer stops and searches and makes the data publicly available.
The concept of a “summer body”.Give traffic tickets to absolutely everyone in the street for having “summer body” no matter what their body shape.
Stock photos of anyone not white, blonde or wearing dreadful clothing are very hard to find.No spoilers, look at our book.
That I have a box full of one side of different pairs of earrings because I lost the other side.App where earring wearers around the world scan pics of their estranged earrings and they get matched up. Earring parents decide who will get sent the earring pair.
Walking home late at night is more dangerous because I have a vagina.Realised that this one was our D&AD entry so I shan’t spoil that either.
That we overuse water when we wash up.Tap caps apparently already exist. They make the water spray out using a fraction of the normal amount we’d use.
That curly or kinky hair is considered “messy” or “untidy” or “unprofessional”.Guerrilla art that puts curly hair on all the straight haired images. A sponsored LinkedIn photo shoot with people with curly hair. And actually, all other attributes that are considered “unprofessional”. 
Awkward silences.Siri has a new feature that detects silences rather than noises and plays background music or gives convo suggestions. Naturally your phone would automatically film this because it would be comedy gold.
“Honey, I’m leaving you.”
*awkward silence*
Siri: *plays Single Ladies by Beyonce.* 
That shaving in the shower is an absolute nightmare.Looked this up and found a meme of a sex accessory (it’s not really a toy) that’s like a suction cup footrest for in the shower. Leg-shavers everywhere have already repurposed this. 

I had a lot of fun with this. There were a few more that I didn’t include that I think are good fertiliser for campaigns so that’ll be cool. Also I really want to make the earring thing because you have no idea the grief over widowed ones I have in my drawer. Until next time friends xx

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