The Gestation Period of an Otter – By @dj_sbex

By Sophie Becker


The Gestation Period of an Otter


85 days is the gestation period of an otter. So whatever happens over the next 85 days, at least I’m not an otter and at least I’m not pregnant. You see, these are two things that aren’t conducive to a successful portfolio day.


What we must all look inside ourselves and ask is “If I were an ECD at AMV and I turned up to portfolio day only to find an otter sitting on the other side of the desk, would I feel inclined to offer it a placement?”


I think the answer is no. I think. I don’t want to make an assumption about AMV – I reckon they’re all for diversity and keeping an open mind – but I reckon a semi aquatic carnivorous mammal isn’t high up on their “to hire” list.


Similarly, I’ve thought long and hard about this but I reckon a pregnancy wouldn’t be ideal either. Not to knock pregnancy of course. Babies are great at times, I’m sure. But I reckon it wouldn’t be my wisest choice.


So rest assured, despite the rumours that are undoubtedly circulating after my four day long chocolate rampage over Easter, I fully intend for my uterus to be empty on portfolio day. Pregnancy is quite distracting from your portfolio I’ve observed. And if there’s one thing I hate, it’s people looking at my stomach.


So we’ve established that becoming a pregnant otter wouldn’t be a productive use of the next 85 days. We’ve established that just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.


What would be a good use of this time?


Eighty five days of incessantly going through every iteration of every line in our book with our copy mentors.


Eighty five days of painstakingly laying out each element of every page with Ian.

Eighty five days of six hatting all our strategies to make sure they’re bullet proof.


Eighty five days of killing our babies (or rather, carefully shoving them into the back pocket of our book).


Eighty five days of finding, owning and projecting our team identity.


Eighty five days of creating work that represents the sort of creatives we want to be and tells the industry what we can bring to it.


Eighty five days of seeking the harshest of feedback at book crits.


Eighty five days of gratitude, of taking time for ourselves, of doing everything in our power to keep ourselves healthy and happy. Because this year’s not just about learning how to get a job, but how to keep on doing the job as happily and effectively as possible.


It’s eighty five days of fun. Of playful child. Of bizarre conversations.


Eighty five days of sticky tests.


It’s eight more book inspections.


Six more SCABs.


Twelve more reflections.


It’s fifty four town halls.


Eighty five days of spending every day with the stunning humans I’ve met this year.


Eighty five more days of learning.


Only we never stop learning, and what we do with these eighty five days will carry us through into the rest of our lives.


Once you go to SCA, you never leave. Apparently. Hopefully.


Let’s make em count.








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