John Hegarty is bomb AF – By @HollyISThomas

By Holly Thomas



John Hegarty is bomb AF


So if you read my last SCAB (the depressing one) you’ll know I’ve been feeling a bit low about my place at school. But alas! alack! Something brilliant happened on Friday and I’ve been feeling pretty darn fabulous ever since.

Our documentary was essentially quite boring. Marc spoke to us about it and I knew exactly what he meant because I wouldn’t have watched it. It was quite straight and formal and didn’t feel representative of his character. Which then led to two really cool things happening. Firstly I rewrote the script. Which took a lot of work. I pretended I’d never read any of the transcripts before and just highlighted what was interesting. Then I put it into a script and tried to make it funny. I was oddly nervous about showing it to the rest of the group in case they thought it was shit. I’ve just read this back and it sounds so self indulgent. Me, me, me. But Marc has asked us to self reflect so that’s what I’m doing. Forgive me, if you’re out there reading.

Anyhoo, I showed it to the rest of the group and they were pretty darn great if I’m honest. They got what I was saying which I always think is half the battle. I felt quite proud to have written a documentary script because I’ve never done that before. The second thing that happened was interviewing John Hegarty. Me, Philly and Meg went to The Garage. I was so nervous because I’ve never interviewed anyone and I wasn’t as prepared as I would have like to have been. I knew all the transcripts inside out and I knew what I wanted for the documentary but I would have liked to rehearse the questions in my mind a bit more. With wave maker and D&AD it didn’t quite happen.

We got there and walked up the very narrow stairs. We set up and then the superstar arrived. It was just us four in a room opposite The Groucho Club. I’m not sure how to say it without sounding like everyone else but he is amazing. Don’t call him nice because he DETESTS the word so we should never say it again. He was so inspiring, not just about advertising but about an attitude to life in which beauty is everything. Architecture, photography, art etc. He was really, truly great. Sassy and insightful and kind and to the point and super stylish. Nice glasses Hegarty.

I think I did quite a good job and Philly and Meg made me feel so positive. After a week of feeling like I don’t have much to offer, it was a really nice way to go into the weekend.

Then we left The Garage and I was an ad student carrying a tripod and a camera. Walking through snowy Soho with my pals having just interviewed Sir John Hegarty. I flew above myself and captured the moment because it felt like living my very best life.

I would also like to say as a side note that if advertising doesn’t work out Becky could definitely get a job as a producer. She has been seriously wicked. On top of everything and just generally pretty great. Thanks Becky.

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