Advertising and Alcohol: A comparison. By @KennyTNL

Kenny Meek

By Kenny Meek


Advertising and Alcohol: A comparison.


Look, if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past five weeks it’s that people who work in advertising sure do like a drink. From stories of office champagne trolleys to regular parties and awards; ad folks dig celebration. We love getting down, funky and frankly, wasted. So let’s celebrate our poison of choice by comparing our favourite drinks to our favourite people; Our colleagues.


Executive Creative Director – Jonny Walker: Blue Label


Blue Label, as far as Scottish Whisky is concerned, is the absolute big wig of them all. The bee’s knees, the dog’s cajones, the cat’s pajamas. It’s the scotch that all others are referenced against. With numerous awards, worldwide appreciation and approval from the highest authority in the land, this velvety blend represents all there is and all there will ever be in its industry. Does it taste great? Eh, that’s debatable. Does it deserve its credit? Hell yes. Blue Label, and ECDs for that matter have worked their balls off to get to where they are now. We respect them, we appreciate the talent that has gone into them and we enjoy what they give the world. Here’s to you Mr ECD. Your blend is refined and your work is appreciated. Rock on.


Head of Copy – Budweiser


The king, the worldwide success story, the self proclaimed master of its domain. The public love its simplicity and it goes great with anything. Either down the pub or in a quiet space, this badass bottle of fizz aims to define how we consume, what we consume and where we consume. Some might see it as generic pisswater but y’know what? The heart wants what the heart wants, and I’d take it’s simplicity over the microbrewed over defined bullshit any day.


Creative Partnership – Innus & Gunn


It’s inspired, nuanced, dramatic and feisty. A combination of flavours, creativity and little bit of charm. See, Innus & Gunn is a Scottish brewery famed for their pairing of stellar beers and fine ass finishing. Some are blended with warm spirits like rum, some with an oak aged cask. Ultimately, it’s this duality that defines its success. These pairings define the brand and even though some flavours aren’t meant to be, we can at least appreciate the effort.


Graphic Designer – Brixton Brewery


The hipster emphasising new age fun with a vintage feel. These creative enigmas make us look sophisticated, sexy and downright cultured. With an appreciation for the craft and an overconfidence that overtakes actual talent, we’ll always love ‘em, quirks and all.


Strategist – Tap Water


Sometimes some of us have a bit too much. We overcompensate, we brag, we swing from one idea to the next. For a lot of us though, coming back down to earth is best practice. That’s where this unsung hero comes into play. They don’t receive glory or much recognition, but know what? Nine times out of ten they’re the one we need when things go awry. They’re the designated drivers of their respective industries and I salute them for all they do.


So there you have it ladies and gents. A short but sweet overview of the most glorious leaders, makers and trendsetters we’ll have the pleasure of spending time with. Stay safe and know your limits.



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