You must get up early in the morning… By @RobCHeimann

By Rob Heimann



You must get up early in the morning…


When do you work best? Early in the morning with a healthy breakfast? Late at night with only the sounds of foxes fucking to keep you awake?

            Mentors keep telling us to find your time when you work best. And a lot of us seem to know when that time is. I do know mine but it’s not very convenient. It’s the four hours after I’ve got up and out of bed. I have to do the normal biz when I get up: shower, shit, shave, eat. Then off to school, get there at about nine, then nine thirty its town hall and probably a master class. My brain is now excited by new information and cool learnings but my brain is also coming down from peak creativity. Annoying – but I think there’s more to it than just “your time” to productivity; environment and your PAP (Proximity to Awesome People) is just as important.

            I work best with other people. I can and do work alone but my brain doesn’t start fizzing until ideas are bouncing around like so many hopped up frogs. SCA (mostly) seems to provide that environment. Given the right people and something to aim at, I can work at anytime as long as I’m not drunk or sick. Fuck it, even then! Maybe…

            The people at SCA are fucking awesome. I have never been within a such a crazy concentration of lovely and creative people. I love coming to school, I can say all the stupid shit that comes into my head and people don’t think I’m mad (apart from Ruby). Sometimes they think I’m smart?! It’s lovely. It makes me produce better work. So thanks, everybody.

            There is a problem though. I can do absolutely fuck all if I don’t have the right stimulus. I don’t want to be fussy but this is a complete pain in the arse. It means inconsistency and disorganisation, which can/have lead to situations where I have let people down and I hate that.  

Bugger me, though! Olly seems to be sorting that out for me – strategy! If you told me strategy would be one of the things I like most at SCA, even a month ago, I would have spent some time telling you how stupid you were – how it would be impossible, how you really didn’t know me at all, and that you really had no idea.. Yeah, I would have been quite rude. I’d have been dead wrong though.

            So environment, PAP and strategy are helping loads but I miss my morning brain. So what to do? Get up early in the morning.




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