European car in the middle of London

Jérémy Fonteneau






By @FonteneauJeremy

Yes, it’s true. I came by car in London from France. Not because I wanted to experience the channel tunnel, neither to be able to find a place where I could put my stuff safe in there, just to be safe if I don’t find a place to live… Happily we found something and this was the best new of the latest week. 

I used to drive on the right side, overtake by the left, and take the roundabouts by the right. I was not really aware about the traffic light combo (“green / orange / red / orange / green”). Not even about the creaking noises from ambulances, fire trucks or police cars. I though I was living in GTA5 at the start. And I’m not talking about finding a place to park my car… (This last thing was not the same than the game actually).

Right now it’s the opposite, I find it easier and more intuitive. I’m driving on the left side, always looking for someone who could overpass by the the right. And the idea to take my roundabouts by the right scaring me. 

By just few days, I completely changed the way I was driving during whole these years. What I learnt before was not right anymore, habits were wrong, rules have changed. And I said to myself it was exactly these experiences I needed. Changing the daily things by new things, acting with it different ways. This is what my brain needs to be able to get ready on this business. Experiences ! To experience another way of doing. That happens is just what I like to do !

PS : if someone is interested by going to France on 19th of december, I have some vacant seats in the car.

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