For you – News Recommendations – By @victorialeed

By Victoria D’Andrea

For you – News Recommendations


There are two things I really miss about owning a TV.


First of all, I no longer see any of the ads that are running, a bit of a problem for someone studying advertising. However, I’ve found a way around this, so it won’t be what I will be discussing this time.


I want to talk about Countdown.


I used to watch that show a lot – I mean, it seemed to be always on.


But as a fan I was glad of this constant comfort, it’s the ideal program, especially if it’s the 8 out of 20 cats version.


In my opinion, it has everything a tv show should have. It is extremely funny, has smart and relatable female figures, makes you exercise your logical skills and most of all you don’t feel the need to watch the whole thing. This means you can just turn it on during a short break or a quick meal and not end up watching a whole hour of TV.


Perfection itself.


Of course, not having a TV does not mean I cannot access the show at all.

Nowadays you can always find a show demand on a PC, but in this case I know it’s never going to happen.


What allows me not to feel obliged to watch the whole show or obsessively follow every episode means I wouldn’t waste time searching for it on the web.

It was only good when it was immediately available – the requirement of researching it meant that I could just as easily watch an episode of something I’m really on keeping up with.


Now it’s time to get to the heart of the matter.


While I’ve almost completely stopped watching this program, apparently the Google News algorithms have not noticed this change of behaviour.

To be honest, I have no idea how it knew my preference for the show before, but it’s safe to assume it definitely had.


In fact, the whole problem I want to discuss is how I keep finding the most useless ‘news’ about Countdown on my Google News feed.


So, even though it has been over 3 months since I’ve seen the show, I still find articles about the co-presenter Rachel Riley in my routinely hunt for topical inspiration.


Not only I am not interested anymore, but the articles are always absolute trash.


I really can’t find the words to express how much I hate finding updates on what the poor woman was wearing, saying or how weirdly she laughed in her last appearance on the show.


How is that news?! To add to that, these so-called articles are mostly ridiculous clickbait.
I remember the last one I read. The title was about how Rachel had been embarrassed by one member of the panel.

I fell for the trick – it was regarding the comedic version so I imagined it was possible one of the jokes might have gone too far.


Of course, it was all nonsense. After watching the clip you immediately saw that Rachel had no problem answering the comment, which was not that much different than the usual tone of the jokes.


This started my attempt to block all similar news articles. I tried to unlike all the stories surrounding Countdown on my News feed, which did not work.

I finally resorted to unfollowing the Daily Mail (the main culprit of this gossipy news), which I am still annoyed about as I am now missing out on a different perspective from the papers I usually read.

But it would have all been worth it to not hear about this week’s revealing dress worn by Rachel.


Of course, it was not the end of the matter.


Today, after a few weeks without any Countdown related news, I came across another picture of Rachel and her dress.


Google News, it’s not over yet.

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