Gentlemen prefer dildos.

I did it.

I set out from the comforts of the weekend straight into a merciless pit of a week of five one-day briefs, encountering all manner of beasts and wraiths along the way, to produce what I think is my finest hour so far at SCA. Yes. Against all the self-doubt and turmoil, I finally managed to unleash my inner fetid, odorous sense of humour upon the google slides deck of scamps my cohort and I bequeathed upon the Wednesday in question. Somehow, some way, impossibly, deliciously, naughtily, Rob and I put a dildo into our Hyundai electric car ad.

How? How could you have – How could we have been so bold, so courageous, so outlandish as to have done such an abominable thing as incorporate a big, fat, shiny, chrome-coloured, Hyundai-branded dildo in a poster, you ask? How indeed, dear madame or sir. It may not be the most obvious point of self-congratulation to boast about coming up with a dildo as an answer to a brief that asked us to get young families to consider buying the new fast charging electric car by Hyundai, but it certainly was a leetle bit silly. Admittedly, whilst it wasn’t exactly a winning solution to the problem, it was a proud moment for myself and Rob.

You see, the first unwritten rule of car ads is: try not to put cars in the ad. They all do it and it’s boring. Second unwritten rule of car ads is: if you can’t put cars in car ads, put a dildo in instead. Much more memorable. A wise individual amongst some of you readers might argue that the second rule was entirely fabricated by me. You may be wise but, please, don’t be boring. And it’s on the note of not being boring that I realise what I think is one of the most worthwhile pursuits as I learn the noble craft of good advertising. Goes without saying, really, that boring ads don’t get noticed. You don’t have to be a knight in shining armour with the morale compass of a square to do good work. All you need is the shiny chrome of a dildo in a place it just so should never be allowed to exist in. Simple.

I respect myself and Rob. I do. I respect that our minds wandered so far off the yellow brick road to arrive at sex toys for a car brief because it’s in those dark woods that I believe the true magic and fun of this business exist. Everyone’s got their niche. Some people love the smart ads, some love the powerful ads, some the sweet ads, and maybe I like the slightly cheeky ones. I love all the different kinds, mind, but I love the funny ones the most. Dildos are funny, right? Ha… Oh God, what I have I done? I’m sorry. I’m SORRY!

Fuck off. I’m not sorry.


Dildo Baggins


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