The Halfway Marc: Love + Gratitude – By @dj_sbex

By Sophie Becker


The Halfway Marc: Love + Gratitude



We’re now halfway through our year at SCA. Whilst that’s terrifying in some respects, I can’t quite believe the transformation my life has undergone since I first learnt about the school’s existence a year ago.


Now, my days are filled with so many incredible and mind-expanding people who I otherwise wouldn’t have known.


I began today (Valentine’s Day, or at least it was when I started this SCAB) saddened by what I claimed was a “lack of love” in my current life. But as the day unfolded I realised quite how wrong I was. My life has never been so full of love as it is right now.


Love is a two way street. And I have a huge amount of love for each and every person that’s accompanied me to this halfway point.


“Giving love” and “having love” are one and the same. So I want express gratitude for every individual that’s led me to SCA and made the last year of my life so transformative.


I’m grateful to:


Max 1, for telling me that SCA exists and helping me find the determination and confidence to apply in the first place.


Robyn, for infecting me with her enthusiasm for the school, and convincing me to be my most authentic self on my interview day, with a little bit extra of who I want to become thrown in.


Max 2, for reassuring me that nothing about SCA was as daunting as it seemed.


Jem, for laughing in all the right places during my 4 minutes in the pit.


Honour, for taking immaculate care of the lobster.


The lobster.


Adeline, for sharing her two-years’ worth of SCA insights with me on portfolio day.


All of JOHN, for making me feel that I’d joined a family rather than a school at the summer party.


Alex T, for becoming my first HUSH pal, sharing my apprehension and excitement in run up to SCA. And for his advice these past few weeks.


Josie, for always responding with minimal horror to the most ridiculous of statements.


Marta, for always being up for Market House – I respect the commitment to the cause.


Dan, for making me feel like a superior vegetarian.


Lauren, for showing me that those with true confidence don’t need to shout about it.


Antonio, for the chocolate cake. I’ll never forget the chocolate cake.


Holly, for her impeccable understanding of the imperfect mind.


Alfie, for soothing my soul with his velvety voice.


Joe F, for the contagious smile that never disappears from his face.


Lucy, for listening.


Rachel, for showing us the true power of determination and self-growth.


Tom, for looking after me in the best way possible – with hugs that make my life flash before my eyes but never quite kill me.


Vic, for her beautifully dark sense of humour.


Sapphire, for always facilitating the most rousing of girl-power moments.


Alysha, for finally listening to the will of the Universe and entering into my life. And for bringing with you your light, laughter and infectious positivity, especially in the face of adversity.


Patxi, for the house-warming story of a lifetime.


Max 3.0, for always providing a refreshing antidote to any bullshit.


Ruby, for giving me my first (and second) experience presenting a radio show.


Leli, for bringing sanity and joy to every moment at Craignair Road. There’s no one I’d rather share a wall with.


Karolina, for showing us what true hunger and determination looks like, and where it can get you.


Joe C, for reminding me that there are always new friends to be made.


DJ, for always being 100% unapologetically his own person. I really admire that.


Alex B, for always radiating positivity no matter how looming the deadline.


Big Rib, for spreading love with the mightiest of grins and the kindest of hearts.


Gémina, for injecting beauty and style into everyday at SCA.


Jemma, for your motivational words and shrewd advice.


Aleks, for demonstrating that ambition and humility can co-exist.


Rob, for pennies.


Phil, for assuming the role of the most caring and entertaining partner in crime since April 18th.


Forrest, for showing us all that “jokes” isn’t just a catch phrase, it’s a way of life.


Tarun, for being a bloody legend.


Zoe, for the hope and resilience you incite in me everyday. And for making me feel a little less alone.


Coco, for making me laugh with fail, especially at things that shouldn’t be funny.


Marcia, for providing an oasis of peace in an otherwise manic world.


Maddy, for always telling it how it is.


Mary, for being the sweetest yet toughest ball of joy.


Jacob, for letting me live out my dream as an only child of having both an annoying younger brother I can bully and a protective older brother to look out for me.


Andy, for teaching me that if there’s something you love, you should wear them long after summer ends.


Charles, for always standing up for what he believes in.


Max 4, for reminding me that I’m forgetful.


Dean, for making sure I never know what oddity is next to come.


Marc, for transforming the way I view and interact with the world. And for believing in me far more than he should.


Myself, for persisting.




The copy scores 68.4 in the Flesch Reading Ease test 

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