Eat outside – By @charl_49

By Charlotte Allard


Eat outside


Eat better is a trend. We are in a society who is getting conscience of what is on the market food. Vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free, vegan. Religion, Dislikes or allergy, in all cases, businessman understood the opportunity to create a diversity of product.

I grow up in the countryside, my grandma what doing rabbit pâté, I saw a cow delivery at 10 and I always been used to see farm life and chasse around me. I’ve been educated with meat and not any prohibited food.

Then I moved in Lyon in France, big city, big names of the French gastronomy and big fan of it. We often say “you are what you eat”. At this time I never ask myself if it was good or not to eat meat or any kind of food. I was just enjoying it. Going to markets, cook good and tasty dinner.

After a while I met people with different beliefs and religions. There is beliefs and requirement for many religions (Jews, Muslims) and there are people who are doing their choice after been informed of food market. Vegetarian, pescetarian, vegan, there is a lot of different diets and eating outside was reduced so. In fact I found this quite difficult to found something that reply to every requirement everywhere. Actually, it was often the same kind of food otherwise it better worth to stay at home. Many times, people were judging us and didn’t take seriously. But I moved abroad, I move in London and everything was different.


Metropolitan city who offer a large range of food and I started to work in hospitality. A place where they take allergies and food intolerance rely seriously. Actually I learn that if ask for food requirement and people told me they where allergic to something, let say nuts, then if I served nuts on this table I will be responsible of the issue. Actually in 2016, in London, an Indian restaurant owner has been jailed for 6 years over death of peanut allergy customer.


In one hand I found really cool the fact that everybody can found food for them anywhere at any time even if they have serious allergies. But in another hand I think people who are not coeliac shouldn’t pretend to be gluten free for a weight problem. I guess we should found a system to tiered serious allergy from intolerance to avoid dramatic ending. I saw sometimes a card with all the allergies written on it. It’s a kind od ID for real allergies and I found it really useful. In this case there is no chance of misunderstood and everything is clear for the client and the customer.


Since I’m aware of this, I just try to eat better quality food even if I have 1 week in 2 months when I crave for junk food. I guess everybody have their weakness.

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