Too fast @marionaulas

By Marion Aulas

Everything goes too fast here.
Since I move in in London, all the things around me, and so, I, myself, goes fast. I’m not talking especially about SCA, even if it’s included in « everything ». Living in London means hurrying up every time. Even if you’re not.
I come from France, but not from Paris. So I can’t make the comparison between Paris and London, big capitals in Europa. I come from Lyon, the second biggest city in France.
But Lyon is a pretty big city: around 500 000 persons live there, and that’s just the city and not the suburb.
When I was living there, I was matching with it really good. It’s MY city. I know all the story about my city, all the good places to go, I know transport map by heart. And most important, I feel good. It’s a big city, but not too much. The underground is not too busy, there are not too many people in the street. You have a lot of places you can go to relax, be in nature, and 2 minutes after you can be in the heart of the city. Kind of a little New York (joking, don’t be offended).
Actually, If I promote my city here, it’s because I would like to talk about how London goes fast and why I know that I will never live here (I mean, really live in it and not just study for 6months). Again, don’t feel offended. I love London, I love the mood, I love the UK, I love Londoners, I love the monuments, I love the language, I love shops. I love everything.

But I love the silence. I love when I woke up the morning in my city with my pets, go outside and just hear the wind in the trees and the birds. I love going out to do groceries, take the underground without fall down because I’m too hot in the central line. I love to walk in the street without pressure, just to walk, to enjoy the city without rush. I love seat in the docks of the Rhone to read quietly. I love the weather by the way (bruh so annoying she complains about the rains in London, so Frenchie).

Yes, to be honest, I’m not made to live in such big city as London. That’s the way I am, and I’m not complaining at all. It doesn’t mean I do not like living in London for now. But I know it’s temporary.

All goes too fast. Everything is noisy, everything moves. I like it at some point, but I’m sure that one day it will be too much for me.
My brains will tend to not work anymore. Explode maybe. I need my peace and quiet every day to create, be in peace, have inspiration.

I wanted to share it with you because working in advertising is often linked with live in the big cities because that’s where everything happens. That’s the heart of the industry. This is a sad reflection for me, but one thing that I know, is that I’ll never be « killed by my work ». I will never let work takes control of me.

And it doesn’t mean I don’t want to work. It means I make choices for my well-being first, because I have understood (thanks a lot to SCA who takes part of this realization) : I can’t be good in my work if I’m not good in my head.

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