The Joe Manifesto – By @joeyfraser95

By Joe Fraser


The Joe Manifesto

Today is the People’s March.

Thousands (edited to millions) will move en masse down and around Westminster, across the various bridges and streets to exercise their democratic right to protest and demand Parliament to give them, the people, what they want. It’s a beautiful thing, I’m grateful that we live in a country where we can protest freely without being shot in the streets by the police or army. A country where everyone can vote.

No discrimination.

How a country should be.

I think it’s something a lot of people in the UK take for granted. Sure, we have a long way to go for proper representation and to get rid of age-old stigmas but there’s a reason thousands and thousands of people flock to the UK every year. Legally and illegally. It’s because, despite all its faults (people relying on food banks, the NHS crumbling come to mind) it’s a pretty decent place to live.

I know it’s not “in” to like the country you live in but hear me out. I know that we have a bloody and oppressive history. But the countries that are idealised by a lot of people – France, Sweden, USA – all have faults too. In France you aren’t allowed to wear a burqa. In Sweden antisemitism is rife. And in the US… nuff said. So, at least this country’s main struggles are more political than social. The main cause of angst is Brexit as opposed to how people identify – despite what Piers Morgan tweets about non-binary people.

But back to the march today, the real conflict I have is while I love that people are out marching, personally, I don’t agree with it.


A millennial man not in favour of the march?!

You racist.

You voted Brexit and DOOMED us all!

Nah mate. I voted Remain and I still back Remain but the main problem I have with the march is what it’s proposing. A second referendum. I can’t support that. Mostly because we’ve voted on this issue SO MANY TIMES.

Think of it this way. David Cameron fears the growing support of UKIP and losing seats to them, so he says to all those people getting riled by Nigel: “I know there’s a growing lack of support of this country towards the EU. I’m going to try and sort some problems out.” He goes to the EU to try and change some laws, gets a big middle finger from the EU and heads back from Brussels with his tail between his legs. UKIP gets more support.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

So the pig-lover says: “okay, how about this? Next election I promise to deliver a referendum.”

Tories get voted in with a promise of a referendum. Vote number 1.

Referendum vote says we leave. Vote number 2.

May-bot gets voted in (barely) in 2017 supporting Leave. Jezza is Leader of Opposition being voted in backing Leave. Vote number 3.

If people were so desperate to not leave the EU in 2017, we’d have a Lib Dem government. But no. People voted in parties that back Leave. And I know that there were other issues to vote in parties in a general election but let’s be honest here. In 2017, there really wasn’t.

All of this, along with how nauseous I am from the past couple of years of the negotiation shit-show, has left me feeling a bit foreign from it all. Pun-intended. Not only that, but we’ve already had People’s Vote marches and no one gave a shit.

I dunno, man. My head is spinning from this crap. Disillusioned doesn’t even do justice to how I feel. Good luck to all the people marching and I support your choice but I just can’t be a part of it.



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