The King’s cross weirdos – By @sperfys

Federica Martini

By Federica Martini


The King’s cross weirdos

“Sit on a bench in a shopping mall and observe people” this was the assignment, to be honest I don’t like to be told what to do, especially on holidays, but it’s fine I’ll do it…my way.
So, it’s the 22nd of December, King’s Cross station, ok it could probably be considered as a shopping mall as well but more interesting.

I always loved to observe people, there is a lot to learn from them, it is fascinating to guess what a total stranger has been through just watching his way of interact with the environment. This time just a few of them watched my attention:

• The original Family with a very personal sense of style: Mom and Dad with their annoying way of directing travels wisely decided to buy the same fluorescent multicolored coat to all of their four kids. Alfred, Bernard, Nathaniel and Timmy, relatively 4-8-10 and 12 years old. I’m quite sure mom Margaret had a strategy “ah you won’t have my family you swallowing kids train station, they will never get lost now…I win you lose!” her face was clearly satisfied!

• Rachel the apparently not too happy single mother: her face was saying nothing but “my husband left me two days before christmas to run away with his 23 years old new intern…what will I say to my mom?”. In the meantime her hyperactive daughter was doing everything in her power to make the situation even harder..MOM MOM MOM MOMMY…WHERE IS DADDY???

But this one, oh this one is for sure my favourite!
• He was there, probably not even to take a train, he woke up that morning telling himself

“Today I’ll bring happiness to people at the station”. Oh weirdo you, in your green scruffy outfit please tell me why you walk around people waking you hands in such a nonsense way? Please blink your eyes once in a while, I don’t get you, what’s your point? What’s the song that is playing in you head right now? I would guess it is Fever by Black keys considering the rhythm of your movements. Try to picture the scenario: A huge group of delayed people waiting for their trains and this guy just walking through them back and forth, keeping the same rhythm and saying random goodbyes. Oh man I will definitely do this more often!

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