The night before SCA- By @MrBenGolding

Ben Golding

By Ben Golding


The night before SCA

So its Monday night. About 12:30. The day before we return from Christmas break. I’m lying in bed wide awake, thoughts whizzing around my head. I’m not sure if its excitement or nerves or maybe, actually, I shouldn’t have read the calendar and put 2 and 2 together. Ordnance Survey. I remember Ben coming in previously as a mentor and talking about how there was a possibility of us doing a live brief for OS and their new app. He’s not just in on the day PB4 is set, he’s also in on the day its presented. Right that’s it. It’s set. It’ll be for their new app.

I roll over in bed and pick my phone up off the floor. The screen blinks on and flick through my phone looking for the OS app. I’m sure it’s still in a folder somewhere after I downloaded it when Ben was in.

Got it. Fire it up. Have a play. Get a feel for the design. Get a feel for the potential. Switch off my phone. Plug it back in to charge. Roll over.

And now I really can’t sleep. I’ve got that little seed of an idea slowly unfurling in the back of my mind. It’s like a very pleasant stone in my shoe. Suddenly its, ‘So how do we say that’ ‘What if we did this’ ‘Wouldn’t it be good if we could tap this market’. Then the idea starts making posters for itself, trying to find clever little lines that hook into the right market. None of it is perfect, but it’s got a spark. Enough of a spark to resist my attempts to cordon it off and get some rest.

Then it’s 3:21 AM and I’m at that stage of trying to trick myself into sleep.

Suddenly the alarm goes off and its morning.

On my way into school I write some of the ideas I can remember from the previous night. Scribbled quickly into my little red notebook, scamped posters and thoughts.

Lo and behold Ordnance Survey are indeed the new live portfolio brief. There’s three briefs to go around, and guess what? I was right on the money, driving more people to the app is indeed one of them. This brief is going to be so easy! And then the groups are assigned to which brief they have. We’re on a different brief. It feels like I didn’t sleep and we’re on a different brief.

Creative life is hard.

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