The Surfer  – By @ClancyForrest

By Forrest Clancy


The Surfer 

OPEN WITH a close up of a man’s face. He’s not looking back at us, but through us, irreverent of the camera, in awe of something else, behind us. He’s gaze is nervous, excited. 

VO: He waits. That’s what he does. And I’ll tell you what. Tick follow tock follow tick follow tock follow tick. 

We pull back to reveal our hero, surfing board in had, waiting at the sea’s edge. With his 4 mates on his side, they gallop into the water and plunge headfirst into the oncoming waves. 

VO: Ahab says I don’t care who you are here’s to your dream. 

They try, time and time again to catch one of these monsters, but their hunger lets them down. Each time, they go too early, getting slammed by the breaking waves. 

VO: The old sailors return to the bar (rising laughter). “Here’s to you Ahab!” 

Our four surfers lie on the water, facing out as a wave rises off the horizon. They begin to turn around. The wave builds. 

VO: And the fat drummer hit the beat with all his heart. 

Now they are thrashing, ferociously swimming away from it. Our friends are screaming with excitement,  but our hero is calm, he sits behind them. 

The wave comes, and our hero looks as though he’s missed it. He’s swimming, swimming, the wave is passing him by, he keeps going, and then right as the wave is about to slip under him, he stands. 

His friends have already caught it and they’re off, racing each other, howling with excitement. But, as it breaches, one by one they fall, leaving him, the last survivor to ride it home. 

On shore, his friends tackle him to the ground and pile on top in celebration. 

VO: Here’s to waiting. 

Then, his head poking out from the bottom of the pile, he catches our eye for a moment, and winks.  

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