The one with the Cardinal Numbers – By @mergalv

The one with the Cardinal Numbers

So, there’s 1 month to go which doesn’t seem like a lot

I’m experiencing 2 feelings – fear and passion – since Marc’s call I got.

I think I’ve spent the 3/4s of my life waiting for this moment; I don’t know how to explain… 

Well, just in case, I’ve put 5 bottles of tequila in storage to minimise the future pain;

I hate writing and can’t believe I have made it to line 6. 

Just wait until I add my 7 design & art direction tricks to the mix.  

I’ve said goodbye to my 8-hour beauty sleep, but will it be for good?

The fact that a cat has 9 lives it’s only because they don’t work & study at the same time like I plan to

And 10 tasks to be completed by October, some might say I cannot, but I say I can do.

To put all my feelings in a nutshell… U N A G I

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