The Partner Talk – By @lemacadesyeux

Zac Mehdid

By Zac Mehdid


The Partner Talk


Part 1: Context


I was observing the brilliant “couppers” this week. What a lovely bunch! (I feel like this sentence might sound patronising or arrogant, but this is a genuine feeling. I do think everyone is amazing and lovely – check my first SCAB.)

So yeah, I was observing everyone and I noticed a sort of glimmer of forming partnerships in the room, so light that it was barely invisible, and perhaps my mere hallucination – I can be paranoid sometimes… I won’t name anyone, as it doesn’t really matter anyways; partnerships will form, some will last, others won’t, but it’s about to happen soon, I’m sure. Nonetheless, I believe that, whether unconscious or not, a few people have already decided on one or a couple possible partners. Indeed, although it’s way easier to think about whom we don’t want to work with, most of us are already starting to seriously think about whom we actually want to work with, me included.

That made me think: What does one want from a creative partnership? What makes a good partner? The answer probably is the usual and boring “it depends”. But still, I want to think about it.

What am I personally looking for in a creative partnership?


Part 2: “23 y/o Frenchie looking for a kick-ass partner”
1- You are motivated

I like working. No, I love working, and I want someone who works as hard as me.


2- You will push me

I don’t like limits, and the only way to remove those limits is to overcome them. I would love to have someone who pushes me forward, and that I can push forward as well.


3- You will accept me for who I am

I have strengths, but also many weaknesses. I wouldn’t feel comfortable if I can’t be myself around my partner.


4- You will listen to my ideas

I will listen to your ideas and try to grow from them if I feel them, and I expect the same from you, partner. We are a team, so we should listen to each other as much as we would like the other to listen to us.


5- You will be fun

Working is cool, but only if it’s fun. Plus, it’s where good ideas come from, innit?


6- You will be honest

When you think my idea is shit, just say so; I will greatly appreciate. I will try to do the same as well. (Same goes for everything else: honesty is key)


7- You won’t be too precious about your ideas

Kill our babies, remember?


8- We will admire each other

I believe that great partnership comes from mutual respect and admiration.


9- We will share the same vision

If we have the same goal, there is no reason on earth we can’t achieve it.


10- You will love vodka.

Nah it’s fine, if you don’t like it I’ll just drink it all!



So yeah, I think that’s about it for now. It’s a long list, but my partner is the person I will spend most of my advertising life with; I would be stupid not to choose wisely.

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