Twyla lands in London – By @twylaliden

By Twyla Lidén


I am now on the 2h40min flight over to London. FINALLY. Everything went as expected at the airport. Saw a famous person wearing sunglasses inside (it is raining today), no one smiled or said hi (because we are Swedes(self-explanatory)), everyone started lining up for boarding 17 minutes before the set time, no one cut in line and no one made eye contact. I might miss it.

I ran into an acquaintance from high school two days ago. We had the standard awkward and lame ”omg what are you up to now a days I miss you” conversation. When I told him I was going to London to study he was baffled. ”What? You are going to study? Are you serious? You HATE school?!” I had triggered a very strong reaction apparently. Twyla + education did not add up in his head, to be honest before I found SCA it did not in my head either. Not that I am an ”anti-higher education, it is all bogus” type of person. It is just that I learn from doing and observing. Standard university is not for me and I don not think I am anything for them either, we have a mutual and mature dislike for each other.

I have been so set on ”school sucks, so no thank you.” that I never really considered the possibility of a place that works for me and my strange mind. But I found it and even better I was accepted.

I love the first period of going to a new place, starting a new job or meeting new people. When you need to figure everything and everyone out. To create mental maps and connections. I also enjoy it because you are not accustomed to or tainted by the social rules that exist. It is easier to do as you desire and please instead of trying to do right by some unwritten rules.

I sometimes wish there was some device that made it possible to get a sneak peek into the future. You just pick a date and a short 2 minute film starts rolling in your head. But I always seem to come to the same conclusion after I have that thought, I can in one way predict the future. I decide what I am going to do, who I spend my time with and HOW I spend my time. Although it would be nice to zoom into the future to find out if my application for student loans will be granted…

One day left and the final preparations have begun.Today I am taking a joy ride to school to time the subway. Not being on time (=10 minutes early) is a plausible reason to get your Swedish citizenship revoked. I promise.

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