Look after your bolognese – By @MattJDKennedy

Matthew Kennedy

By Matthew Kennedy


Look after your bolognese


As the first term draws to an end now would seem like a good time to reflect. In short the last 3 months have been nothing but amazing, I would change nothing. Tiring and challenging yes but late nights making videos, taking photos, reading about inspirational people and of course thinking, aren’t all that bad. And I’m thankful that I am loving it, if I didn’t what chance would I have when the real world hits  and clients shit all over me. I look forward to a rest and seeing old friends. Something this weekend reminded me of.

At the start of term I said to Marc that my true friends would understand I was busy for the next 8 months and so I need not pay attention to those relationships.  A completely ignorant if not arrogant comment.  I’ve forgot key moments in my friends life’s over the past few months. I’ve missed birthdays, forgot to ask how career changing trips have gone and then this weekend I had a friend visiting who was left on the streets until 1am Saturday as I had forgot to respond to him with my address. What a knob. 
I’ve also neglected the most important relationship in my life with Becky, this Saturday was the first time since school she said I seemed relaxed and she was right. I’d forgotten entirely about work and sunk a bottle of apple brandy, two independent events I’m sure.   I’d also eaten a rather tasty bolognese. 
Relationships are like a good bolognese. The more love you put in, the more love you get back. Sure leave it simmering for a few hours while you have a break and go for a drink but don’t leave it on the hob alone. It will burn. Then the kitchen will burn. Your house will burn down. Your loved ones will likely die in a distinct umami scented smoke. You will then likely enter into a deep depression and the world will never look the same again. 
 Look after your bolognese.

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