Foot of the Mountain: An Introduction.







By @a__pugh













I know nothing. 

Over 200 people have died trying to climb Mount Everest. Many have perished in the fantastically titled Death Zone, succumbing to lack of oxygen. Most of the bodies are left exposed on the side of the mountain, preserved in ice as ghoulish signposts. 

Reaching the peak requires determination, discipline and a fair amount of skill. The top is not particularly crowded and the views are spectacular. 

I’ve been thinking lately I should write a book, meditations on advertising and communications and other stuff. Maybe I’ll write it on my week off. 

Foot Of The Mountain. 

With quotes and examples and testimonials. The text you are reading right now could serve as the basis for the introduction.  

It would be an interesting exercise, a kind of thought experiment. I am standing at the foot of the mountain. I have little to no experience, no real idea of what to expect.  

To write from the perspective of someone who’s experience of advertising exists solely in the future; how more forward-thinking can you get?  

Canonised in ice. 

There are many greats in this business. Each have their own unique perspective on what works and what doesn’t. But the greats by definition, particularly those who have now left the industry, their perspective is inherently oriented towards the past. 

Everything good is behind them. Everything good is before us. We are the USA. They are Britain. 

Long live the American Dream. 

Advertising is an art, not a science. Like cooking. Or futurology. Human intuition drives the work. It is all just people talking to other people. We look to those who have been successful, for guidance, for inspiration, for rules, because the industry is constantly in flux. But they made it all up as they went along. So should we.   

The mountain exists individually for all of us in our minds. The frozen greats are those that have gone before us, to us they are arrested in space and time. They are not signposts, they are checkpoints.     

In this business there are no rules, just perspectives.

I know nothing. I think that’s a good philosophy. 

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