Reflection – By @NicholasKugge

Nick Kugge

By Nick Kugge




It’s this time of the year again, I’m leaving London for the peacefulness of the South of France. I love these few of hours in the airport, this “in-between” where I’m neither a Londoner nor a French. For a couple of days it’s a different scenery, a different life, which helps to focus and regain the balance often lost at SCA.

Prior to living in London, I lived over three years in Montreal and before in France. Changing countries is tough, but I don’t have any regrets, every departure led to something better and more meaningful. However, I’m still not anesthetize to leaving people behind. So, these holidays I visited some old friends I hadn’t met in years…

I’ve always found fascinating when meeting long-time friends how they describe chunks of their lives (which often lasted years) in only a few sentences. Nothing is superfluous, sadly. I’ve also noticed how quickly you get back to the same old dynamics and how they differ from one group to the other. We all wear different hats and they change all the time.

During these two weeks the hardest habit to get over with was to burst the advertising bubble we’re stuck-in. Having random thoughts constantly popping in your minds is a routine at SCA, but it becomes tiring with other people: it’s difficult to leave work aside. Spending time with people not in the creative industry also reminded me how narcissistic we are about advertising and how of little importance it is to other people.

Weirdly enough this “pilgrimage”, made me feel for the first time in my life, old. But in a good way. All these memories which resurfaced made me realized how much things changed in the past years and how this change has accelerated since joining SCA.


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