The shoe’s on the other foot: reviewing this year’s scholarship entries – By @TomoTheTaka

By Tomo Taka


The shoe’s on the other foot: reviewing this year’s scholarship entries 


The first rule of SCA is to seek feedback. (It’s not – but you might as well get in the practice of it.) Think of the world as your council. Listen to others. Then form your own opinion from the best of others’.

We’ve had about a dozen book crits in the last few days so we know the feeling of having your work scrutinised – often criticised.

But the shoe was on the other foot for once as we got to watch and review the shortlisted scholarship entries for next year’s crop. Amazing how snap judgements form; how your gut tells you if you like a piece of work and your mind post-rationalises why.

There was a general consensus on the best ones – though some might differ on one or two – and we all felt this year’s entries were far better than ours. A lot more of the brave souls went out and made things happen. They became famous. And little do they know but they’ve got the first page of their portfolio.

So before I get into each of the videos in a semi-serious way, remember no opinion’s worth more to you than the one you form. And if that opinion comes from a cocktail of all the feedback you seek out, then that’s ok. Keep drinking. It makes you stronger.


Elliott’s art education campaign

Great looking posters in the video and a relevant cause to fight for. Help the creatives! Should’ve put in some music – the secret to Marc’s heart is some indie wasteland tunes.

Helena’s left a right

Sweet wordplay: when nothing goes right, go left. Good use of Beyonce’s ‘to the left, to the left’ lyric. Clearly understands the importance of being single-minded throughout. Good use of kids as props in the video too. 

James’ modern silent film

Love the silent film homage. This was pure, sweet storytelling. The gingers in the room (Sasha, Adeline) really identified with the story so top marks for human insight.

Joe’s satirical Evening Standard/fox hunting extravaganza

Ingenious. It was funny on the surface and super smart at its very core. Played the media at its own game and won to demonstrate an important point. Hope you bought those south London boys a Smirnoff Ice after.

Jonothan’s CityNav

Funny, irreverent and yet kind of served a bigger message about politics. Jonothan’s idea was the Russell Brand of the entries.

Phil’s limping thing

Funny, irreverent and yet kind of served a bigger message about something. Phil’s idea was the Alan Carr of the entries.

Philippa’s supermarket navigation system

Presented in a sweet, silly way. But I really liked the idea. Get an app to do the mental work we can’t be bothered to do – especially when it comes to navigating large supermarkets.

Rachel’s breaking bread and The Sun stuff

One of Marc’s first teachings at SCA was about how turning up is half the battle. So technically, if you turn up twice, you’ve won. That’s what Rachel did by entering two scholarship entries. The first one, the breaking bread stuff to help homelessness, really stood out. A lot of the other entries sent out a strong provocative message, but Rachel’s managed to get the ball rolling on something that might genuinely, tangibly help people, even if it’s just a handful to start with.

Rita’s Catalan campaign

Another entry that got mainstream media attention. Companies pay PR agencies thousands for that sort of coverage. Get yourself a raise. And out of Spain.

Sara’s positive Oxford Street

Lovely, positive message. Deserves something just for having to spend that much time on Oxford Street.


They all nailed it. We better get jobs before they start taking ours.

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