The Tenth Week Mark – By @nclrolly

By Rolly Ng


The Tenth Week Mark


It’s the tenth week in SCA and I started to feel more grounded than in the previous weeks. I remember experiencing the discomfort when I thought I missed the deadline for a SCAB and when I felt guilty for not having time to rewrite my notes as nicely as I did in uni. So, I decided to write a post to mark the changes in various aspects since the SCA journey started, and what I think I can do to improve.

On Presenting

I did a presentation on a two-day brief without my partner yesterday, it turned out great! The night before, I actually had a dream on it going terrible. I didn’t sleep very well. When other groups were presenting, I was shaking, I felt cold. I thought my presenting notes will be visible, then found out they weren’t (shit). Chris told me to breathe, and it did work (very well, to be precise)! I’ve always had difficulty in speaking in front of a group, I can’t help but to think about what the audience think, will I offend anyone? Did I get the grammar right? Then I submit myself into reading from the piece of paper in front of me as I am sure that it is a well-written piece without a mistake.

Then came:

The improv session at the start of the year and I learnt that there are times that I have to think on my feet, I can’t always prepare for everything.

Ben the Buddhist, who said acknowledge the fear, then carry on.

Philip, who said ‘feel the fear, do it anyway.’

And then the Great Creator brief, which Aaron and I had so much fun at presenting our Pocket Poa.

And briefs where I truly believed in the idea.

I believe with more presentations ahead, practice can make it perfect.

On Self-care/ Journaling

I like to talk(write) to myself when I felt like I need to clear my head. I used to do that after work on the train. There haven’t been many entries since I started SCA, it is something that I should do more often to make sure I hear my own voice.

On Partnering

I think it’s due to the way I was brought up, I tend to put others first. I had times when I discovered myself working late at night as I thought I should put all the resources in doing work with my partner and not doing on my own stuff when she/ he is working on our brief. No, no, no. It’s ok to have time for myself, that’s the case for my partner too!

(Part II coming soon!)

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