The Top Floor – By @EdzaiSoper

The Top Floor

Top floor man, what a treat! 

I mean come on, look at this window and view combination. 

The hand sanitiser compliments the frame better than a bar of imperial leather does a sink. Reassuringly safe.   

Believe it or not there are more advantages to a top floor office than the scenery. For one, often referred to as a penthouse (not really but they should be), they are both revered and feared by city goers and the acrophobic depending who you are.  

The height offers a great vantage point to scan for potential incomers and film sites. Like did you know the school was next to a derelict basketball / badminton / netball court. No you probably didn’t. But we, we of the top floor have known this whole time. 

Pic or it didn’t happen you say… BAM! 

There it is sports fans, in all its glory. 

I have done the maths and if my calculations are correct we could all be there in two swift jump tuck and rolls from the window pictured above. Think of the fun we could have. If you are interested you know where to find me. 

Looking back at my life a large part of it has been spent with a roof as my vertical neighbour. At university I lived on the top floor of a halls building called Kenthouse in first year, we swiftly changed the name to Penthouse. Moving onto houses my room has been located on the top floor three houses on the trot. Honestly, you can’t write this, even trying to SCAB it down is hurting my eyes. 

As you can probably tell by now this SCAB was scraped together last minute. I had 12 hours to put it together which sounds a lot but I was asleep for seven of them. To fill out the last few dozen words I give you my poem created in the Masterclass with Deanna: 

No Stubble in Sight

Shoulders shrugged,

Arms electric

A drunk camel roams

Having had little to eat.

Heading North from chin to chin

Alarm snoozed three times this morn

The Arctic feels hot today

But it’s ok 

Because Deanna’s kid is potty trained

We were told to just write down, in various ways, whatever came into our head for about an hour and a half then sugar pick our favourite lines and make a poem out of them. I missed the part where she said you can edit them to make a bit more sense out of it, but hey ho she seemed to like it anyway. 

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