The urgency of good communication – By @dennis_engel87

Dennis Engel

By Dennis Engel


The urgency of good communication

Monday was quiet an exciting day at SCA. We had two deadlines for exciting briefs to catch and directly got a new opportunity from AMV. Marc just announced the new teams after more than half of our teams split up just before the weekend. 

Everyone was looking forward on how the dynamic of our studio would change and which teams would still stay together. I thought a new brief with some fresh teams would be the perfect start into a new, adventures week. 

The new briefing from AMV was all about the safety of cyclists and the communication between cyclists and lorry drivers. The day went on and me and my partner Nick went out for a walk to grab some lunch and get some fresh air.

While we were walking through the park in front of our school we just witnessed a terrible accident between a pedestrian and a city bus. 

The accident was really nasty and soon the whole street turned into a busy scene of police officers, paramedics and witnesses. It really felt unreal. We just got out of the studio after getting a new brief about making the streets of London less dangerous and suddenly we just witnessed a terrible accident in front of our eyes. 

This accident really reminded me that I am not only at SCA to connect brands with it’s target audience. I want to be a problem solver, trouble maker, game changer, peace maker, award winner and interesting creative at once. 

Good communication not only relies on great ideas but also on the right attitude and motivation to make the world a bit better every day. 

Have a great week-end & don’t forget to make the world a better place!

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