The week 7 learning curve. – By @BeckDunn3

The week 7 learning curve.

I’m just about to start week 8. Currently working on the first portfolio brief, something I’m eager to do well on. I was excited about this brief and working with Edzai. Halfway through the 2 week brief, we’ve seen nearly every mentor available about our ideas. We’ve fallen victim to our own desire to do well by asking all the mentor chefs what their verdict is on our soup. As you can imagine, the response was sometimes good, sometimes bad but almost definitely said a view that made us head in a different direction. Referring back to Pete’s statement “if you’re work isn’t tight, you’re going to get fucked about” or something similar. That was 100% true this week.

We started off with countless ideas, jumping instantly to creative and potentials. A rookie error upon reflection. I feel that we experienced Uri’s image when ‘you think gold is everywhere (at the start of the brief) but it turns out it might only be a tiny piece and not a massive nugget.’ So potentially missing out on a huge winning idea. I would say that it’s good we caught ourselves in these moments, refined our ideas and filtered a lot. 

Something Edzai and I have been set on since the get go for this brief is that we want to do something out there. Something unexpected and potentially risky. If not then we’re not pushing ourselves or the brand far enough. After all we are students. So, I’m glad that we are doing something out there. Live by the sword, die by the sword. We’ll see how much it works. At least it’s exciting and most importantly, enjoyable work.

The main thing I’ve learnt this week is pick and choose the mentors when it’s best to, not just for the sake of more opinions on stuff. To try and not look for gold everywhere but take more time to figure what is standing out the most from research. Also a big one is to keep focus. Mindfulness is going to be key to working efficiently. I’ve been letting myself down a bit having lost concentration from time to time. 

However, my drive and ambition to be the best is still very much alive. So time to start pushing myself more to get there. 

As you were.

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