The Wolf without a pack

My last SCAB was about breaking up with a partner. This one is going to be about being alone. 

I was given an ultimatum, sort your stuff out now!

So I have, despite the fact that the faces I was supposed to see often have not appeared. Many of my partners, in the last 3 weeks, have had other commitments. So I had to nervously stroll on without them. I couldn’t have been more grateful. 

I am not the best pen in the business, but I have a lot to say !!!  SCA’s games have spun me up and around and I lost the art of…


But being the wolf without a pack, I howled louder. I growled and scowled at walls, till thoughts rung clashing like all the running Caribou. 

Just a little interlude, my mood now lies proud, on the mountain. I have displayed not just my ideas but words.

Words are the reason I sit here now and got on the course, I’ve been too distracted by the glitz and glam to really take into hand why I am here.  Too much stressing over meetings and meeting of deadlines to…..


Play around with stuff, I know part of that is finding the right partner. I have not, except for my partner in life. 

Trying out art direction and improving typography and spelling missstakes. I mean really trying, instead of just saying I am bad at it or if someone says they like it, let them have a go. Trying like there is no other option if I am to survive. Realising that from day one I’ve just not been in the right headspace.

For now, I seem to have found my voice again, and I hope that when the time comes to rejoin a pack. I will do more than go up in smoke, I will make sure it is stamped with the soft padded paws I know I possess. 


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