They will never understand. – By @aleks_atn

By Aleksandra Atanasovski


They will never understand.

This week I decided to call my family members to ask them what they thought I was doing in London while i’m studying, as they still did not understand exactly what advertising is and how someone can study it. I explained it to them but they still can’t catch what I’m doing.

I must admit that they really find it difficult to understand what I’m doing. And it’s not as if they’re doing it on purpose.

It’s sad to say that my father believes I’m just drawing all day. It’s sad to say that he thinks I’ve been doing the same things for years. He said “my daughter, you do art ». it’s sad because in September, I explained to him why I was going to London.

So no dad, I’m not just doing drawings, I’m not just coloring, but I’m thinking of how to make the world better, sell a product and make consumers want to buy it unconsciously or consciously. Look for a strategy, think of all the mediums.

Regarding close friends, although I love them with all my heart, it is very rare that we speak about what I do. First, because they have the impression that it’s a completely different world, second because it frustrates me more than anything. My best friend told me “You do logo design”… sad.

So my grandparents… who come from Serbia… who wanted me to finish as a doctor. Frankly I would have made more people sick than anything else. “You design images on the computer” is that they say. Well… we can forgive them, I’m just glad they know I’m using a computer.

So the positive point is that all of them can at least change my mind, give me advice on how to feel, because they don’t understand how important things are. They don’t understand how I can be stressed.

The fact is that we are stressed because we like what we do.

It is true that I could have chosen a life where I would have been a little more “understood” by my entourage, less stressed, but I would not have had the joy every morning to want to surpass myself and try to make myself proud.

So yes, advertising is not drawing, it’s like Steve Harrison says, a way to « build factories ».


The copy scores 76.5 in the Flesch Reading Ease test

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