Things happen, how to handle them…is up to you! by @sperfys



By Federica Martini – From the 2015/16 Intake


Things happen, how to handle them…is up to you!

I was working for a posh organic company a few months ago, I think their motto was “good food is for rich people only”… by the way I was frustrated because that job was boring and I had to wear an awful uniform, obviously oversized cause I’m quite tiny…and guess what? I have been fired because I was too scruffy..oh really? you gave me an XL! 

So I started my job research again:

  • Unsuccessful 
  • Try again within 6 months
  • I’m sorry but you haven’t enough experience for this job
  • Yeah…you have a really good CV but I can’t hire someone with your background it’s a risk for us! (big cafe chain)

One month later I was still job seeking, money were running out so fast and time as well. I had to finish my graduation project and thesis, so I asked my parents to help me just for a little while. But you know the worst is yet to come…so one day my landlord decided to give me the notice to leave the house. Cool! So I was jobless homeless moneyless with a project to complete. I had to leave…so I left London, sad and angry.

But since the first day I have been back home I started browsing the internet looking for some way to promote myself, I’m a graphic designer, I have studied medias, I used to have great creativity and ideas, I can’t give it up because circumstances turned bad. So I created a simple Instagram account (@scruffydesign) and started posting some of my vectors and simple drawings. One day I was spamming other profiles with likes and I ended up on SCA 2.0 page, followed the link to their website, I thought ” wow so it does exist…a place where people can learn how real advertising work is…”, so I applied, it was easy by the way!

And now I’m in… so this means that I’m not the only one who thinks I have potential! My mom was right!

Now the question is…Did mentors pick the right decision choosing me? 

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