Things I learnt from the Fast and the Furious – By @beccimai27

Becci Ford

By Becci Ford


Things I learnt from the Fast and the Furious

This Christmas we’ve been set a few challenges by Marc and one of them was to watch a film that we wouldn’t normally watch. 

As you can probably guess by the title – I chose to watch the Fast and the Furious (Or rather my boyfriend chose for me seeing as I kept being drawn to things that I knew I liked!)

Finding no joy in films based solely around fast cars, tits and guns…I had low expectations, but tried to keep open minded – maybe this could be the film to open me up to a whole new genre of car porn based films…then again maybe not…

However despite it’s flaws the film has surprised me as I did learn a few things from watching it:

1) No matter how many explosions, tits, fancy cars or sex scenes there are – you can’t polish a turd of a story.

2) You can’t polish a turd of a story – if there is no plot to begin with.

3) Despite this it is possible to have zero story throughout a film but still suck the viewer in emotionally in the last scene (I was on the edge of my seat in the final car chase!)

4) The phrase “It’s a long story” can hide a multitude of plot sins.

5) Drag races can settle any argument.

6) People will always walk away totally unscathed from a car crash – even if that car has been flipped, set on fire or crashed into a truck.

7) American police are as gun happy in films as they are in real life.

8) Nitrous oxide makes cars go faster…it also makes you laugh…

9) You can’t be in the fast and the furious if you don’t have a sports car…no matter how fast you drag race your Micra down maple road on a Friday night…

and finally…

10) The Fast and the Furious did manage to hold my attention for the full time it was on…which was surprising considering all of the above – shows that maybe if you present well you can capture peoples imaginations even if the story isn’t fully there!

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